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Harvey High School

    Before 1946 students went to school in one room schoolhouses that taught until a eigth grade level. If students wanted to go to high school they had to go to McAdam High School. In 1946 Students in high school went to school in Taylor Hall which once stood beside Taylor Field. January 1947 Harvey Regional High School was opened and housed grades seven to eleven. HRHS was located where the Fiddle now stands; in front of the southwest valley development. School bus service began in 1947. In 1960 a new building was built that housed the grade sevens and eight. There was a new automotive shop. The new building now is home to southwest valley development and storage for district eighteen. In 1965 the new elementary school was built. The final class to graduate from HRHS was the class of 1980. In the fall of 1980, after much debate HRHS was changed to HHS.
For More information about Harvey High School go to harveyhighschool.nbed.nb.ca.

Harvey Elementary School

      Harvey Elementary school is on a mission to provide a caring and secure environment to ensure every child is learning and becoming successful in school. They want to improve the communication between the school and your home. They will be sending around a newsletter out monthly with school highlights and events. They are trying to focus on kindergarten to grade two literacy skills and in order to do this they will be having their language arts classes go ninety minutes a day. The next goal on their agenda is to continue implementation of the phys. Ed curriculum and these classes will extend to eighty minutes per week. The last goal for Harvey Elementary is to hold parent math and language arts night. We wish them the best of luck on their mission and sure that they will accomplish this with no problems.
For more information about Harvey Elementary go to hes.nbed.nb.ca.



St. Andrews United Church


St. Andrews United Church


   In the late 1850s a division occurred within the Presbyterian Church in Harvey, and as a result, the majority of the congregation left the old church and built a new one on the site of the present St. Andrews Church. On Christmas Eve, 1895, this church burned down. A new church was quickly built on the same spot, and was dedicated on January 24, 1897. In 1925 it became the property of the United Church of Canada after a vote was taken by congregation

  Sunday Service is at 10:30 am. There is Sunday school to which children of three years of age and older are welcome.

  Sunday school picnics are an annual event.


For more information about the Saint Andrews United Church go to www.standrewsharvey.ca


Knox Presbyterian Church


  This church was dedicated in 1927, two years after the union of churches, when the original Presbyterian churches in Harvey became the property of the United Church. About half of the churches became the property of the United Church. About half the congregation chose to remain Presbyterian and they left the old churches, to build a new one. The first Presbyterian congregation was organized in 1840, the religion having been brought over from Britain with the first settlers three years before.

   There is a Sunday school which holds a nursery for the babies.


Seventh Day Adventist Church


  The Adventist faith in the Harvey area began in 1911 through an evangelistic effort by Elder J. A. Strickland. At first, services of worship were conducted alternately in the homes of the members. When Magundy School House was built about 1940, church meetings were held in the Lake George area. In 1951 the present church was built in Harvey.

   Today there is a Sabbath School held in the church before the regular church services. A Bible School is held for the children each summer.


United Baptist Church


 In 1946 the York County Baptist Association made a motion to start a Baptist Church for the Harvey area. However this idea never never took root until 1977 when Alice and Ray Boone moved to Harvey. They came from Toronto to begin working for the Shantymen's Christian Association when they received a call from Rev. Frank Innis, pastor of the Millville Baptist Church regarding the idea of a Baptist Church in Harvey. They agreed however there were a couple issues they had no land, people, buildings, or money to start up a church.

 Bit by bit the Church came together, in 1979 the York County Baptist Association provided a grant and Wallace Coburn offered a piece of land. A couple months Later Skyline Acres United Baptist Church offered the Church a portable building they were no longer using. On July 9th, 1979 the building was set up and September 16th the Church was officially open.

 Sunday Service is held at 10:30 am


United Pentecostal Church


 The Pentecostal faith in the Harvey area began in the 1940’s with services being held in homes and later, in 1949, a members garage was used. In 1952 they built a church at its present site, which was dedicated in the spring of 1953. A new, larger church was built behind the old one in 1976; the old church was torn down in 1977.

  The Tabernacle on Harvey Lake was built in 1952 and religious camp meetings began in 1953.

  Today, the church holds a Sunday school which is open to children of the age of two and older. Prayer and Bible Study are open to all ages.

  Sunday Services are held at 10:30 am and 6:00 pm. "Friday Night Live" begins at 7:00 and Wednesday bible study & family night is held at 7:30.


Acton Presbyterian Church of Canada


  The Presbyterian Church in Acton was dedicated in 1868. The building was originally located on a knoll behind the Acton Cemetery over looking the Old Stagecoach Run that went from St. Andrews to Fredericton. However, at the time of the Union of the churches in 1925, it was decided to move the church from there to the present site across the road from the cemetery, on land bought from Henry Coffey

  At the present time, there are church services in the church only the second and fourth Sundays of July and August.


Brockway Union Church


  The Brockway Union Church was dedicated in 1890. The church was so called because the community was represented by several denominations such as Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist, Congregational, and Plymouth Brethren, and it was to be used by all. The builders of the Church were Robert Vail, and Robert Young, sons of two of the original settlers in Brockway. A corner of the lot granted to Solomon Vail was designated on which to build a church (and a schoolhouse). The Sunday school room was built from 1952 to 1957 at the instigation of Susie Vail.

  At present, the ladies hold a group called the United Church Women (U.C.W). There are regular church services held.

  Sunday Service is held at 1:00 pm and there are bible study and prayer meetings held bi-weekly in the fall and spring.


St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church


   The land for the church in Newmarket was donated by Patrick McDermott. The mission of St. Patrick was administered from Fredericton until 1883. The first was built in 1883 but blew down before its completion. A new church was subsequently built. A collection was begun in 1909 for a new church. In 1914 a new pastor was inducted and after considering the size of the congregation which was about 25, decided just to have repairs done. This was done in 1915.


St. Mark's Roman Catholic Church


 The Lake George Roman Catholic Church was constructed some time between the years 1878 and 1888 on the land which had belonged to an O'Keefe family. The Mission of St. Mark was administered from Debec and Woodstock during the early years of its existence.

  At the present time, Sunday school activities are held in the Newmarket Recreation Centre on Monday evenings for members of the three Catholic congregations. These catechism classes are held for Children in grades one through eight.


Lake George United Church


  The land for the church was bought in 1854 by the Free Presbyterian denomination from Alexander Lawson for five shillings. Not much is known about this church, not even when it was built or by whom. The church is now administered from Nackawic.

  Presently, there are services three times a month. A Sunday school is held there which is adjourned during the summer months. A vacation Bible School is held for one week at a time.


Mission of the Immaculate Conception


 The first Roman Catholic Church in Cork was completed in 1861 built on four acres of land originally belonging to John Russell. However, in 1869 he church was blown down in the great Saxby gale. A second Church was soon erected which was sturdier and more modern than the first. In 1902, a new larger church was built beside the old one that was in need of repairs. This beautiful church was destroyed on July 9, 1943 when hit by lightning and consequently burned to the ground. A new church was built in 1947.


The Meeting Place


  The Meeting Place was built about the year 1930. Previously, the members gathered at a small schoolhouse where the present day church building is now standing. However, it has been recorded that he brethren began meeting in the 1800's when the people of Brockway and Tweedside gathered to worship. The name “Plymouth Brethren” was given to them by others; they preferred being called “Christians gathered to the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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