Harvey Rural Community

On January 1, 2023 the Village of Harvey joined with the LSDs of Prince William and Manners Sutton, and portions of Kingsclear and Dumfries to become Harvey Rural Community.  Please go to the new website at for more information.

Harvey High School

Harvey High School Before 1946 students went to school in one room schoolhouses that taught until a eigth grade level. If students wanted to go to high school they had to go to McAdam High School. In 1946 Students in high school went to school in Taylor Hall which once stood beside Taylor Field. January 1947 Harvey Regional High School was opened and housed grades seven to eleven. HRHS was located where the Fiddle now stands; in front of the southwest valley development. School bus service began in 1947. In 1960 a new building was built that housed the grade sevens and eight. There was a new automotive shop. The new building now is home to southwest valley development and storage for district eighteen. In 1965 the new elementary school was built. The final class to graduate from HRHS was the class of 1980. In the fall of 1980, after much debate HRHS was changed to HHS.

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Harvey Elementary School

Harvey Elementary School Harvey Elementary school is on a mission to provide a caring and secure environment to ensure every child is learning and becoming successful in school. They want to improve the communication between the school and your home. They will be sending around a newsletter out monthly with school highlights and events. They are trying to focus on kindergarten to grade two literacy skills and in order to do this they will be having their language arts classes go ninety minutes a day. The next goal on their agenda is to continue implementation of the phys. Ed curriculum and these classes will extend to eighty minutes per week. The last goal for Harvey Elementary is to hold parent math and language arts night. We wish them the best of luck on their mission and sure that they will accomplish this with no problems.

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