Harvey Rural Community “Open House/Drop-In sessions”

Harvey Rural Community

On January 1, 2023 the Village of Harvey joined with the LSDs of Prince William and Manners Sutton, and portions of Kingsclear and Dumfries to become Harvey Rural Community.  Please go to the new website at www.harveyruralcommunity.ca for more information.


The Advisory Committee for the Harvey Rural Community will host two “Open House/Drop-In sessions” this month.

The purpose of the sessions is to provide information about the transition from the current Local Service District/Village governance model to the “Rural Community” model of governance.

The committee members, the new Chief Administrative Officer for the Harvey Rural Community and the Facilitator from the Province will be available to provide information and respond to any questions.  This will be an informal meeting that will allow for individual and group discussion and questions.

Some of the information available will be:

  • Ward Boundaries
  • Election
  • Information for prospective candidates for the New Council positions.
  • Taxation
  • Budget


August 23rd  Prince William Community Hall, (50 Plus Hall) 6662 Rt. 102 Prince William NB 6pm-8pm

August 25th  Knox Presbyterian Church Hall, 2412 Route 3 Harvey NB 6pm-8pm

Monday, August 15, 2022