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Shepherd's Garden

Ted Wiggans
149 Frog Lake Road
Harvey, York Co. N.B. E6K 2E1
Phone: (506) 366-3410

Acton Presbyterian Church

4125 Route 640
Acton, N.B.

Harvey Seventh Day Adventist Church

9 Maple Street
Harvey, N.B. E6K 3K2
Phone: (506) 366-1016

Rada Cutlery

Karen Holt
1984 Route 3
Harvey, N.B. E6K 1K2
Phone: (506) 366-5740


K. Moffitt & Sons Rental

Keith Moffit
63 Tweedside Road
Harvey, York Co. N.B. E6K 1H0
Phone: (506) 461-4665


J. Scott Riley Trucking

1613 Rte. 3
Harvey, N.B. E6K 2R3
Phone: (506) 366-9096 (Office)
            (506) 260-9479 (Cell)

Darker Shades Tanning

Sheila Davison
142 Charlie Little Road
Harvey, York Co. N.B E6K 1N2
Phone: (506) 366-3548

Harvey Ambulance Bay

11 Candelight Lane 
Harvey, N.B.
E6K 3E9

Operations Manager - John Nicholson
(506) 368-1801

Quality Roofing

Chris Burgoyne
219 Route 3
New Market, N.B. E6K 2W1
Phone: (506) 363-5266

Ivan Jamieson & Sons Ltd.

Robert Jamieson
2519 Route 3
Harvey, York Co.  N.B. E6K 3Y9
Phone: (506) 366-5331
Fax: (506) 366-3589

Public Hearing Notice (Cancelled until further notice)

Notice of Public Hearing

Swan Funeral Chapel

Flewelling's Funeral Service Ltd.
585 Otis Drive, Nackawic, NB E6G 1H6
Phone: (506) 575-8988
Fax: (506) 575-8822 

1826 Route 3, Harvey Station, NB
Phone: (506) 366-1994



Harvey Baptist Church

Rev. Laurie Fenerty
1929 Route 3
P.O. Box 508
Phone: (506) 452-0133
Harvey, N.B. E6K 3K1

T-Models Automotive Finishing Ltd.

Timmy Lister
24 Route 636 P.O. Box 57
Harvey, N.B. E6K 1A6
Phone: (506) 366-2055
Fax: (506) 366-2055

Dave Biggar Auto Repair

Dave Biggar
791 Route 635
Lake George N.B. E6K 3L3
Phone: (506) 366-3330

Vanessa Gillespie (Registered Massage Therapist)

2032 Route 3
Harvey, N.B.
E6K 1P2
Phone: (506) 366-3556

Air Bed&Breakfast

Steven Fletcher
1905 Route 3
Harvey, New Brunswick E6K 2P5
Phone: (506) 366-2014

Art Smith Senior's Complex

Andrew Wood
1963 Route 3
Harvey, N.B. E6K 3E9
Phone: (506) 366-3600

Harvey Housing Corporation

Andrew Wood
Marwood ltd.
Phone: (506) 444-7154 Work
            (506) 260-4075 Cell


Forms will be uploaded here for villagers to fill out regarding different topics.

Once completed, forms can be scanned and emailed to the Village office ( or brought in hardcopy to the Village office (58 Hanselpacker Rd.).

Thank you!

Administration By-laws Council Forms Recycle Stations
Council Local Government Title Designations Contact Information Mayor Winston Gamblin Regional Service Commission

W.W.E. Smith's Country Store
Phone: 366-2010

Best Beginnings Preschool & Afterschool Centre

Sarah Fiander
​58 Hanselpacker rd (Harvey Memorial Community Centre)
Phone: (506) 261-9918

NOTICE -- Sewer Line Cleaning

Village of Harvey


Sewer Line Cleaning

Please be advised that The Village of Harvey will be utilizing a vacuum truck tomorrow, August 3rd, 2017 to clean out selected sewer pipes on the line.  The line location will be from approximately 1947 Route 3 to 1967 Route 3 and on Poplar Lane. 

Denise Rowe Photography

Harvey, York Co. N.B. E6K 3W9
Phone: (506) 366-8233